Our history

The history of our farm dates back a long time ago, obviously coinciding with that of our family.

The most significant representatives, as well as the founders, of this traditional farm have been the tireless Grandpa Vigin, a hardworking man who had been farming the land for years, and Grandma Cecilia. They have handed down all their knowledge to their four children who, since tender age, were brought by their parents to several markets in the Asti area to sell the fruits of their family work.

Our passion for catering originates from the agriculture: relatives and friends used to meet up to harvest crop or grapes during the day, and in the evening they had supper together.

Inevitably, the dark years came when serious hailstorms followed one another for three years, causing great difficulties to the farm.

Therefore, welcoming people in the farm became our strength and our way to get out of the crisis: in 1991, we opened one of the first farmhouses in the Asti area.

During these 26 years, we have been constantly trying to improve ourselves and to keep up with the times under the guidance of Dad Franco (the youngest of the four siblings), Aunt Piera and Mom Gabriella.

At present, we are representing the latest generation of the farm (fortunately, it is just three of us!). We help our family in this hard work looking ahead but always keeping in mind our past.